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Gunner + Mission Pack 1.21

Gunner is a basic shoot-everything-that-moves game
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Gunner is an action game developed by Warlock Studios. The game is very basic, you are an ant-aircraft gunner and well, basically just a guy with a big gun. There are several missions in the game, most of them are defensive in nature. You must shoot everything that moves or flies, or even shows life signs. You play in a first-person view, so you can see your gun and the cross-hairs. The enemies will come flying nearby your position and you... well, you guess what you have to do. There are three different episodes in the game. The first one features old weaponry, such as a WWII anti-aircraft gun and old airplanes. The second one features more modern aircraft and weaponry. And the third one features some fantasy weapons and enemies in a very futuristic fashion. It also includes a mission pack, giving a total of 25 missions in 3 difficulty settings. The game is good fun, and it has great effects. However, it is not a game you can call addictive, because you always do the same. The price may also seem a bit high for this kind of game. You can try it first and see if you like it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good basic shoot-them-up
  • Great amount of missions


  • Just the gunner view
  • No more weapons during a mission
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